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Friday, August 19, 2005

My Bees are Bearding Again

As I sure anyone who comes here remembers, I have posted some pictures of small beards just a lttle over two weeks ago. Since then the population has sky rocketed and I have more photos. Tonight it rained(yes my bees only beard at night) and I saw what I thought was very interesting. There were no bees at the enterence but thousands just inside and thousands were bearding under the enterence. I crouched down and saw something I've never bothered to look for. Under the hive were hundreds of bees, either walking aimlessly or clinging to the screen on the bottom bored and fanning. I never thought that the bees might be fanning under the hive. (If I get up the corage I just might stick my hand under there and get a few photos, but, that's a big if.) So anyways, here are the photos.



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