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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Almost Sepember already?

This year has certainly flown by faster than I ever expected. I've already gotten my call for needing to get my annual inspection from the state. I can't say I've been looking forward to it, as I hadn't checked my hive at the house since February, until yesterday, that is.

It seems of my three remaining colonies, the Italian one has faired through thick and thin, with the best outcome. The two supers that have been on all year are completely packed with honey; 100% capped. The colony has certainly become quite populous, and I added another super from one of my no-longer existent colonies. At least that surviving comb will get some use.

I still need to get around to repairing that top bar hive and setting it up for next year. To think, I had plans of setting it up this year. Gotta love procrastination, I suppose. I'm still debating if I am to try to build-up back to my old five or six colonies, especially following the excessive neglect of this year.