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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Remember that TBH (Top Bar Hive)?

Yeah...that one I was "enthusiastic" about last October. Anyways...it is now dead...er uh, disassembled. It never had bees in it but, then again it was never built well enough to house any living thing other than maybe termites. So, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm in high school. Of cource, no high school is complete without a "Shop Class" or as we call it, "Materials and Processes IB". Most just call it "Shop". I have been given permission to build a TBH for credit so long as I supply the sides(plywood). Wouldn't ya' know it...I have a mostly built TBH with the proper size wood. So, it was just a mater of taking out those screws...the 3.5 inch deep screws...the 3.5 inch horably stripped screws. It took me over an hour but they're all out and the TBH has been broken down to just it's elemental peices. Sides, ends, screws and screening...the last two found their way into a garbage can. Now I'm thinking of "reserving" a package from Spell Bee co.(I bought my first package from them and those bees have been astounding!) So, if I ever get that thing "up and running" I'll be sure to post it on my TBH blog. http://topbarhive.blogspot.com/


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