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Monday, June 13, 2005

Anticipation While Awaiting Inspection

I can't wait to look at the hive. I've spent atleast two hours every day staring at it and now I can confirm that my queen is laying eggs. The bees are bringing in a yellowish pollen(later found out to be from watermellon flowers)in such clumps that they look like over burdened saddle bags on the bees' hind legs. In the past 2 days they've gone through 1/2 gallon of 1:1 sugar syrup!

I have to wait untill Wednesday or Thursday befor I can open up the hive and replace the last frame. Waiting is the worst part of beekeeping! I just really...REALLY want to see what "my girls" are doing. I am a little confused though. It's about 95ºF and the hive is in full sun. There was only one bee fanning. Given the heat created by heavy traffic I thought that more bees would be fanning.

NEW USE FOR LIZZARDS AND ANTS! Earlier I saw some wax moths being ejected from the hive and their wings were torn as they fell to the ground in front ofthe hive. There were about 2 after the fourth day. I was sitting watching the bees yesterday and a lizzard ran over there and then ran under some vines with half a moth hanging out of its mouth. There were also some ants taking apart the other one. So far they havent gotten up the hive stands let alone the enterance so I think my bees are safe.

To try to compensate for how fast the bees were eating the syrup out of the friction top bucket I started a "feeding trough". I put a pint of syrup in there and it floats in a small saucer or water. No ants can get into it and I can watch the bees all fly back to the colony. Some of them are so heavy that they fall a few inches short of the enterence and crawl up there in the next few seconds.


Blogger G4st said...

Sounds great. I wish I could SEE some of your exciting developments. Lets see some pics. I think we should write a song called Bee Blues.
See you tomorrow.

1:56 PM, June 14, 2005  
Blogger The Beekeeper said...

Bad news...I'm going to The Master of Splapp's birthday party wednesday.

2:41 PM, June 14, 2005  

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