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Monday, September 12, 2005

Occupational Hazards

This morning I was just out by the hive with a headlamp on. You know, those little flashlights that you put on your head. Anywasy, I just wanted to look at the beard before I left for school and, having just woke up...NOT THINKING... I left the flashlight on a white light instead of red. Instantly, the bees began to orient to what they thought was the sun and landed on my face. This is one of those moments that teaches you that bees are not forgiving of stupidity. Anyways, I did the un-beekeeper like thing and swated at them then, began runing away and hopped the fence between the patio and my bees. It's the fastest was to my house. The second I got over the two and a half foot tall fence (which I literally "hopped") I suddenly felt this sharp pain in the palm of my hand. Remember that this was in the dark so I couldn't see a thing. I thought I bumped the rose bush but then, it began burning and felt like it was moving. I have to say that this bee sting felt less painfull than my first one but, still hurt. It got pretty swollen and I couldn't bend my pinkey. I have, however, learned two lessons from this...1. "I'm not allergic to bee stings, yet." and 2. "Never crouch down with your head near the enterence of a hive that has over 10,000 bees bearding with a light on your head..." There was a very sweet smell, though.


Blogger G4st said...

Fugacious as it was...sweet nonetheless.

6:53 PM, September 12, 2005  

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