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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Remember that Split I Made?

It's been a few weeks and every week I've checked on that hive. The population is very low, it will have to be nursed through the winter. ON the plus side, however, there is a flow of Brazilian Pepper and palmetto in the area. So far, about four of the five frames are drawn and the queen is pumping out eggs. There is a fair amount of capped brood but, hopefully, it will start emerging soon so the hive can grow. The photos are mostly self explanatory, one shows the entire hive with the nice, new bars, another shows bees storing honey and the last one shows some capped brood and bees. Right now the colony looks like my package did when I first installed it. The nice part is that this colony is so small that it is very easy to work without being stung and requires minimal smoke. Over the next few weeks the population should increase and, worse come to worse, I'll bring over a super of bees and honey from my other colony.



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