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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Nuc is Full!

I did another inspection of the Nuc yesterday and it is FULL of bees. I found the queen, after some effort, and have now transfered the nuc into a full size ten frame brood box. On the frames were nothing but eggs, and capped brood. That new Russian queen has just been pumping out eggs, and the bees have done a fair bit of comb drawing. Over all they were well tempered especially given the situation; it was about to rain. The bees had already stored a few pounds of honey too. I think there's a honeyflow of palm and palmetto going on right now. There was also some collected pollen, esspecially bottle brush, in the comb. At the rate this queen is laying she should have no problem building up a population before winter. It'll still be another week or two before the first of her offspring begin emerging. They should be chericteristicaly black and grey.


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