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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A New Perspective

Every day I've been looking at the enterence hole I drilled into the super I put on the see if the bees were up there yet. For any of you that don't know what an upper enterence is, it's a hole drilled just below the hand-hold of the super. Anyways, up till today I thought the bees weren't in there yet because I didn't see the chericteristic ring of bees around it. Just today, either beacause I'm crazy or obsesive, I stuck my head in front of it and could see at least a dozen bees fanning out the small hole and a curtain of bees inside. Now all my worries that the bees weren't using the super are unfounded and, hopefully, within the next month, I might get my first honey harvest.


Blogger j00|{z said...

Obsessive is good.

6:56 PM, September 15, 2005  

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