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Friday, March 17, 2006

Where did they go?

I checked Friday morning and there were probably around 3 bees making their quick flights into and out of the enterence crack. I arive home from school around 8 hours later to find that not a single bee is in residence. I observed it for about half and hour and didnt' see anything. I got immpatient (like any adolecent) and threw a rock...or two at it. Still nothing happened, not so much as one bee investigating the disturbance. Then, I was upset, threw on my veil and gloves and shoved a wire hanger into the hole. Still nothing. The bees much have either absconded or been killed by pesticides implanted into buildings to keep out pests such as termites. I think the more likely option is they they just absconded; packed up and left. Saturday I'll probably open up that area if I see any beee in the enterence crack and see just what is going on inside. It can't be anything to much since, if I poke a hanger into the hole and not even one single bee shows up, there must not be many bees in there.


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