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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's Been A Week

Well, as anyone who comes here often knows, it's been a week since I've inspected my hive. Unfortunetly, I couldn't inspect today and I have to aim for tomarow. Today, in my are, it was overcast, good chance of rain and the trees on the property were being trimmed in preparation for hurricane season. All these things combined equal very crabby bees. I had to close the enterence to the hive today so a cherry laurel next to it could be trimmed. I did make the mistake, though, of closing it at about 10:00am. At that time most of the bees were out of the hive and the retureing foragers soon piled up in the hundreds. Oh well, next time I close the hive I'll do it after sun set or before sun rise.


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