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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Russians are coming...The Rusians are comming...

The Russians are comming...out of their cells. The Russian honeybees that is. I quickly checked on the hive I made from a split a few weeks ago and the population is definately expanding. I saw the queen and could compare the old Italian honeybees from the split and the young Russians that are now starting to emerge en masse. The main reason I went to check it out was not for just an inspection. I went over there to tie down the hive to some cinderblocks as 40+ MPH winds are expected. I even used a shovel in an attempt to prevent the water immidiately eating at the sand underneith the cinder blocks. The hive is still very light, about 40 pounds, so that's why I took all the precautions. The larger hive of Italians here I'm confident are so heavy and propolized that I don't have to worry about them blowing over. Assumming power stays on throught the storm (Wilma) I should be able to extract the honey on Tuesday afternoon.


Blogger Cardboard Knight said...

nice double m's on the title, sicko.

2:13 PM, October 30, 2005  

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