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Thursday, December 01, 2005

It looks like that won't be happening!

I've now determined that it is a touch too dangerous to be taking the colony. It seemed a little on edge at first but, after this aggression test I did it would be insane to try. Anyways, I went over to the colony, got a long pole and put an old, black sock on it. Before I did this I was sure to have a smoker on stand-by just incase... I was swinging the sock around to determine how aggressive the bees were and something really surprised me. When it got within 6 feet the bees began head-butting it as if to say "GO AWAY!" As soon as it got within 2 feet it was clear I couldn't take this colony. DOZENS of bees fell off the comb to attack this small opponant. At one point the sock appeared to be encased in bees. Some smoke made short work of that but, needless to say, I'm not up to the job. As I said before, being 25 feet in the air taking bees seemed to be crazy enough but doing it on an africanized colony seems more like suicide! Either way, as much as I wanted to get these bees I had to tell my neighbor to call an exterminator since, I just don't have the stuff to deal with an africanized colony.


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