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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Some Bee Foraging Behavior...

I was bored today so I watched honeybees on Spanish Needle. It was windey today with gusts around 12 m.p.h. In less that one square yard there were five honeybees foraging simutaniously. That's kind of odd given I've read that bees stop foraging after around 8 m.p.h. winds. It was really cool to watch how they would bite the pollen off the anthers. they would just dig their heads in, clamp down with their mandibles and just "rake" it back to their legs. I had never acually stopped to watch them forage. There was one intresting niche they did though. They would actually sit on the flower or the pettles and either fly to a stem and crawl up it to get to the flower-head or they would "jump" from flower to flower about 1 inch away from eachother. To be honest, I thought that the bees would usually fly from flower to flower but, it was really interesting to see them quite literealy jump.


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