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Sunday, April 09, 2006

How'd she do that?

Well, the queen at my russian hive..."pulled a hudini". Somehow, she got around the excluder which shouldn't happen. She's clearly only been above for less that 2 days given there's only eggs and, not alot. As for honey, one super is capped to the "extraction" point or the point at which I can harvest it and it won't ferment or spoil. The other super is filled with ripening nectar and a few eggs, as stated above. I had to smoke the queen down which usually creates a bit of a panic in the hive as it becomes shrouded in smoke...which the bees like probably about as much as the average person. Tomarow I'll probably open the italian hive, maybe get some photos, and super them. Maybe I'll even get the excluder on.


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