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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Today I installed the captured bees into a nuc. There weren't near as many as I thought and they formed into one clump the size of probably a navel orange. Bee will only form clumps like that when they are in the presence of their queen as it is her pheramone that makes them so attracted. I sprayed them well with sugar syrup and carefully removed the peice of cardbroard they were clinging to. Then I slid it near a frame and allowed the bees to crawl off. Then, I carefully brushed a few bees aside and there she was. All I can say is that she deffinately wasn't from my swarm. She was reminicent of carniolan with deep almond, almost chocholate colored bands flanked with black ones. I have to say that the color is very nice. I'm not sure if they have enough bees to draw comb well or feed the resulting larvae but, by this time next week I can find out. This weekend I may just shake a few bees from the adjacent colony into there just to give them a little more strength. I went back down to where the colony was to tell the land owners that I had the queen. They were out but, the people cutting the trees were still there and just finishing up. So, I went over to ask if there were still bees around and to tell them that I had the queen. He's also appearantly interested in some unpasturized local honey...just what I have. I can't wait to see how this queen preforms.


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