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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I might get a harvest sooner than I thought...

In my past few posts I stated that there was a honeyflow. Today, I learned just how strong that honeyflow is. Currently, the hive I have here (the Italian one) consists of a deep brood box and two supers. The botom super is filled with pollen and capped honey and the top super is over half capped with honey. At this rate I'll be able to harvest honey before the end of February and maybe sooner! When I opened the hive the bees were clearly busy; bees were flying in heavely burdoned with pollen and nectar and the entire hive had a sweet smell. No doubt do to the ripening honey. I pulled off the first super after a fair bit of prying. I thought that they must have collected alot of propolis but, when I got it off I saw tons of virgin white comb that was attaching the supers. This flow is so strong that the bees are violating "bee space" to store it all. I was going to take off that super and check out the brood box but, given it's only about 70ºF I didn't want to chill the brood. When the brood get cold (below 90ºF, they die. There was also the issue of the bees being a tad aggressive to my presence. I may have to requeen come spring. So, I lifted the super, heavy with ripening honey, and my smoker slips and burns my thigh. I screemed and dropped the super with wood, wax, honey, bees and all. Luckely, I dropped it onto the hive and not the ground. I actually burned a hole all the way through my khakis. This was very painful given I had just burned my leg. I slid the super into alighnment and put the cover on. I brushed off the oak leaves and dirt that had accumulated on it and walked away. I guess I'll have to use my gift card for Dadant to buy some new shiny extracting gear.


Blogger Cardboard Knight said...

Ha ha you burned youself!!!

10:24 AM, December 30, 2005  

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