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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I was just about to update this blog saying that nothing has happened and that I was bored. At 6:00pm I got a phone call that changed everything. Someone has an unwanted hive from a recently cut down tree and has taken the effort to research and then call me. Best of all, this hive has already been cut down and is just sitting on the ground so there's no percarious hights involved! Hear this, when I asked about their temperment, here's what I got in reply, "Well, we cut it down with a chainsaw and no one got stung." Those must be some really laid back bees! Now I've put together all of my equipment, cleaned my gloves, smoker and hive tool, as well as ammassed every tool that might me minorly usefull. I've also extravagently taped up a cardboard box that will serve as their residence for a few hours. With any luck, I'll try to combine that hive with my russian hive in hopes of helping them draw comb and kill the old queen. She's just terrible. I've complained before so I won't go in depth. It's just to the point that, as the book says, "The Queen must Die". I'll try to take many photos. Wish me luck.


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